ARTIST: Superkid/AKA Cake/Aka Stephanie Homa

Wow this chick is cooooool..... love this photo!
for some reason she kinda reminds me of my rad painter friend Abee... 
Its so exciting to peruse your blogfeed and discover a new gem of goodness and inspiration...Thanks to A Beautiful Party blog for introducing this talented artist....I will definitely be keeping an eye on her!

I love the sense of humour in Superkids work and her brilliant use of colour - I just imagine these works as these vast murals overwhelming the viewer... her use of stars is probably what hooked me in good and proper though! 

These ones really struck me :-)

2010 hairy indians
2011 fuse overdose
2011 garden party
2011 insignificance is a virtue
2011 united sweatshirts
2011 stag with mountain and girl


a dark forest...

“This is what I believe. That I am I. That my soul is a dark forest. That my known self will never be more than a little clearing in the forest. That gods, strange gods, come forth from the forest into the clearing of my known self, and then go back. That I must have the courage to let them come and go. That I will never let mankind put anything over me, but that I will try always to recognize and submit to the gods in me and the gods in other men and women. There is my creed.”

D.H Lawrence

Laura Gee Illustration

Just Beautiful... this girls work is so sweet... (originally found on Lost At E Minor)

In my body you search for the hills, for its sun buried in the forest,
In your body I seek the boat lost in the middle of the night'
 Octavio Paz

hehehehe - love these - LOVE beardys!!


Organic vs. Conventional Produce...

Its so obvious, but how many of us eat this stuff purely coz we cant afford organic.... sux!! 

thanks for sharing Juliet xo


Clever Green Advertisements...


For Once, the Dark Side Saves the Planet
WWF ad for Earth Hour - asking the public to ‘join the forces of darkness’ and shut off the lights for one hour.

The Air That Cools Your Home Heats Up the World

The Greatest Wonder of the Sea


postgrad ponderings...

I read this paper 'Branding Biodiversity' (thanks Ben!) and had this one idea..... its just one idea.... not the best idea....but its based around branding 'with love'... its actually the first thing I've made for my course... (eek!).. its not exactly the direction I was planning on heading in but had to start somewhere.... shit just realised its supposed to say 'dash against THE darkness'.. oh well.....

New Tunes #11

Check out my 'Bliss for Your Ears' tracklist to the right of this post.... the new tracks from SBTRKT and Burial/Four Tet and both to die for... plus there is another great track by the delicious Made In Heights duo...


Without warning
as a whirlwind
swoops on an oak
Love shakes my heart


just breathe...

this is what I will be listening to on loop today... 

this tibetan chant was playing when I went to visit my beautiful friend Grace recently.... I just sat on her step and looked out at her garden and was filled with such serenity and calmness.... thank you beautiful lady for once again bringing magic into my life xoxox

I finally found a 30 minute MP3 of it if anyone would like a copy of the recording...its truly beautiful....

This is what i found out about the Om Mani Padme Hum incantation...

Six Pāramitās
Samsaric realm
Symbol of the Deity
Pride / Ego
Jealousy / Lust for entertainment
Passion / desire
Body, speech, mind
quality and activity
Ignorance / prejudice
Poverty / possessiveness
Aggression / hatred
Quality of Compassion



thank you louie..... this song knocks me to my core; love me a good whistling tune... xo


Clever Activist Street Design...




I may have gone a weeeeeee bit overboard when requesting/ordering books from the new Auckland 'Super City' library system!.... talk about a kid in a candy store!
...am currently reading 'Cradle To Cradle: Remaking The Way We Make Things' by William McDonough and Michael Braungart.... have only really just started it, and one of the quotes that has jumped out for me thus far isnt even one of theirs.... its just crazy how so many people still think that recycling is the be all and end all, when really its actually completely ignoring the biggest problem; consumption. 
Be selective about the products you buy - be mindful about packaging. Im just about to embark on a recycled cloth bag making venture for our house, so we can take our own bags to the vege and bulk food store instead of using those idiotic, flimsy, one-use-only plastic bags they give you for bulk items. I HATE THEM!!

“recycling is an aspirin, alleviating a rather large collective hangover…overconsumption...the best way to reduce any environmental impact is not to recycle more, but to produce and dispose of less.”William Rathjes 1998 'Use Less Stuff: Environmental Solutions For Who We Really Are'

yeah... but for how long.... and then where do you go?

yeah... thats where...

POST GRAD - a new journey...

So, those of you that know me well... see me daily or catch up with me regularly... may know that at the end of last year I quit teaching and decided to take a year out to complete my post graduate diploma in graphic design. Inspired by the design work I had been doing part time last year, I threw myself in to a new adventure... hoping to gain a better sense of who I am as a designer.

As part of my application I had to write a project proposal for this year....  a plan of what I was hoping to achieve.... my main focus was around sustainability in graphic design, but I really had no idea of where I was going to take this. It was stressed to me in my university interview that I would have to spend the summer refining my ideas and getting a stronger focus and direction. Eek!

I began to realise that the thing that concerns me most of all is the lack of education many people have about environmental issues in NZ.... its not their fault, the messages just aren't reaching them! I realised that my friends and I have an amazing environmental network via facebook, blogging etc. We are constantly sharing imagery, messages, petitions, and other forms of activism between us.... passing on these messages and keeping each other informed about these issues. But the problem is that WE ARE ALREADY CONCERNED - We are already, in some part, informed. We are troubled enough by these issues that we want to SHARE this information with one another. We are already, in some part, activists for the cause. Thats one of the reasons why we are friends..... ha!

So what does the public actually know of these issues? How do they get these messages? Its not fair that they should be left in the dark about issues that actually really concern them. For example, I had brunch with some friends recently who were not aware of the Food Bill that the government is trying to pass at the moment. You know the one.... Where you wont be able to share the foods your grow with your friends, family and neighbours. Where you wont be able to gather seeds from your sisters amazing tomato crop to sow the following year. Where grandma could get in trouble for giving you a jar of her delicious  and legendary plum jam. Yep, that Food Bill that means there is a possibility you wont be able to wander down to your local farmers market and buy fresh produce from local growers without them incurring some fine for selling you a product that is not owned by the government!

So, in thinking about this, I began to realise that my focus is about informing the general public about issues that are normally expressed by 'minority' groups - yer know, the punks, the fems, the hippies!! (yep, I'm exploring all the activist stereotypes here!). 
I want to explore why these messages aren't getting through. I want to look at ways to get these messages across without resorting to methods employed by previous activism ventures. I want the general public to make informed decisions about life-altering choices our government makes for them!

So over the next 9 months, this blog will be my Activism Dumping Ground - my offloading space of imagery, text, links, videos and anything else that may apply and inform my process and making - it is literally going to become a scrapbook for all of my research! I have already been made aware of so many resources that otherwise may have never made it to my radar, so be prepared for the onslaught - pick and choose and take what you fancy! 
Welcome to my new adventure! :-) xoxo

 "The Big Clean Up" For Auckland Regional Council
 "The Chicken pays" For The Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 
Not sure where this came from but its genius!


DON BINNEY - NZ Artist - I have had a framed print of this on my wall for the last 10 years!

Joan Baez and her two sisters - to raise money for Vietnam draft resistance in 1968?


image found on feministactivism.com

SAFE Campaign 
SAFE Campaign  

found on www.decadentdepravity.com

ALSO GO CHECK OUT MY PINTEREST PAGE FOR MORE IMAGERY http://pinterest.com/anaheramoon/activism-post-grad-imagery/


tunes to share #9

keeping it simple today..... this track is so amazing.... its totally imbedded in my mind..... so joyous and uplifting....this girl is incredibly beautiful, her voice like crystalline dew on petals at dawn.... ahh hehehe...

also check out the sick remix by some incredible unknown.... found on Live For The Funk ........magically dark... you know...just how i like it :-) 

Grimes - Genesis

Grimes - Genesis (RMX by Ryan Hemsworth)