Great pattern - want to transfer this style to leather (see 'Things I Wanna Make') 

 Gorgeous Feather earrings - I am on the hunt for the ultimate natural, found feathers
Deborah Kaplan @ http://closetvisit.com/

 flaming hag folkwear - sweet little lace spirit pouch

I wish for multiple swaths of rugged crystals draped around my neck!

Birds & Turquoise Aqua Hullabaloo blue!! Need i say more?

Love the blanket, love the layout, love the prints behind the bed  - I'm looking for same size vintage picture frames to do similar idea.
Aaron Rose - theselby.com

Handpainted/drawn designs on vintage lampshade! Yeeeuss!

 cool floor - amy and brett morris apartment NYMag

Tree in bedroom = ultimate dream sleeping arrangement!
kirra jamison + dane lovett apartment - design sponge 

dream bedroom ~ perfection! Image from Delightfully Tacky

large painted textual art on ply -  Image from Delightfully Tacky

 cool drawn-on, tagged, graffiti chair! also love that chartreuse bust dude with the KISS-style lightning bolt eye! 
Look @ Jimmie Martin & Rick Schultz - Design Sponge 

 bat mask - Georgie Greville - The Selby

skull cushion = cuddling the reaper!  Georgie Greville - The Selby

very cool Prehistoric Planters by Plaid Pigeon - should actually add these to 'things i wanna make'

colour, cosy, large widow, bicycle and books - yum!

beautiful rug by Morris etc - poppytalk

 cool pallet plant stand platform - i dream of a studio loft apartment! poppytalk

cozy corner
Lyndsay and Fitzhugh's Summer Cottage in the City  - Apartment Therapy


LOOKBOOK.NU - space tee (also one of the 'things i wanna make')

gorgeous colours and layers - cant remember where i got this pic from? I think it may have been Jen Loves Kev?

Kathryn Bentley http://closetvisit.com/

Norwegian cardy/hoody - monkeycatcher on TradeMe

Beautiful colours and layers! Oh how I love autumn!! 

MY MOST COVETED BOOTS EVER!!! Aldo Brendal Womens Flat Boots

Great Layers

 Peachy goodness
Cute cozy jumper with floaty floral dress and sneaks!

I love the mustard, forest green and tan! 

Beautiful autumnal colours and delicious layers!! The Clothes Horse

I freakin love this girls styles!! Best blog ever!
feather dress - where can i get one of these??

Gorgeous colours - love the stripes and side plait

cute way to wear shorts in winter!

colour and layers and jewels
lookbook.nu  pandora

photograph by Théo Gosselin - touristmag

 I WANNA MAKE; an orange leather clutch (seen on This Time Tomorrow)
 I WANNA MAKE; Cut out letters stitched onto t-shirts - BASSIKE TEE BY BLACK BOX 
I WANNA MAKE; this cute gift idea - found on Poppytalk from - You Are My Fave
I WANNA MAKE;  leather cut out collar necklaces
I WANNA MAKE; massive textual posters with cut out letters like Lukes Beards 'A Lyric a Day'
I WANNA MAKE;  mini polaroid magnets (http://www.ambrosiagirl.com/blog/)
 I WANNA MAKE;  drawings on fingernails!! (Gennine Zlatkis nail doodles - found on poppytalk)
I WANNA MAKE;  this cute gift for kids that I know (found on ohdeedoh)