image library #5


Christopher Bettig - Love this guys stuff! Every thing he does is amazing!

Dolan Geiman pennants FOUND ON poppytalk - thought these would make amazing gifts for people, would love to try making something like this!

 HOLLY ROACH (prints) & Jo McClean (ceramics) exhibition at CORBANS ESTATE ART GALLERY -  'Bird Speak' - LOVED Holly Roach's prints, her work is incredible and I would love to own a piece some day!

Joanna Goss FOUND ON wherethelovelythingsare - these paintings are truly beautiful, this first one reminds me of that magical dappled light that shines through when hiding under a patchwork blanket!

amazing crochet rocks FOUND ON resurrectionfern

Monica Canilao - Whats Lost is Safe. FOUND ON myloveforyou - I love her work, i have a real thing for feral, collected, wild-like shrines!

 Beautiful Owl illustration by Sara Blake FOUND ON gransloosechange

very cool illustration by Lizzy Stewart FOUND ON  theclotheshorse


Jenni Rope Pala Pendant - I love this girls stuff and have been busy exploring her vast range of work on her website - I love people who dabble in multiple areas!

SEAPONY Amazon Feather Necklace BY SHOTWELL

I LOVE these pendants!! Louloudo's SUPERDUPER.etsy.com shop  FOUND ON seventy tree


Funky yellow retro kitchen!!  - Francesca of Mrs Eliot Books’ House FOUND ON seventy tree

Gorgeous and inspiring graphic display FOUND ON seventy tree  -LOVE those folk bird cushions at the front!! EEk!

Bikers make me jealous! Very cool poster from johnny & stacies studio tour FOUND ON studiosweetstudio - oh how i miss biking around a city!

seesawdesigns FOUND ON youaremyfav - what a combo; plants AND books!


I just love this photo ~ love the backdrop and these stylin' ladies!! FOUND ON Idee Geniale

Beautiful natural photo FOUND ON The Sartorialist


Beautiful Hair FOUND ON seventytrees pinterest 

Cutest cream cardy & outfit FOUND ON seventytrees pinterest 

gorgeous rust coloured skirt & outfit FOUND ON fancyfine ~ wild is the wind post

 cool, casual outfit FOUND ON offofbroadwayblog

perfect outfit FOUND ON seventytrees pinterest  - i love this girls style, would love to cut my hair shorter like this!

Love this whole outfit with and those fuchsia lips! FOUND ON twolostsouls blog

cool outfit and layers FOUND ON selectivepotential - stripes will get me every time!

fresh and clean spring outfit ~ from the sartorialist FOUND ON olivegreenanna 

perfect outfit ~ from the sartorialist FOUND ON olivegreenanna  - this girl has such an amazing glow!

cute couple and cool wintery layers ~ from the sartorialist FOUND ON olivegreenanna 

loved the feminine dress and grungy boots ~ from the sartorialist FOUND ON olivegreenanna  


Tunes To Share #5

Browsing for some new tunes to appease my illness... its now been 2 weeks since I first got the sickness; the longest amount of time I think Ive ever had to fight something off! I think its probably a lot of State Of Mind = State Of Being; to be truly well, you have to be truly content...something that I am striving to find every day.

While each day I am inspired by the beautiful imagery and people of Blogworld, it is really the music that makes me leap out of my seat (haggardly swaying in my PJ's!). I have a particular fascination with this whole REMIX biz; most of the tracks that I find when perusing have been remade/mixed/mashed - this is, most times, the only way to score free downloads - when the track has been altered to within an inch of its life and is now so far removed from the original that it is now okay to mooch for zero dollero. I say that like its a bad thing but sometimes, SOMETIMES,  it just makes them better!! Ouch...

Here are some tracks that are not necessarily on high rotation for me yet, but have intrigued me enough to add them here to share. Ive included the remixed track that caught my ear and then the original track that is also as good in its own way - its weird though, i sometimes get this whole chicken/egg thing going on in my mind - when you hear the remix before the original; how does that change our view of either? Oh crikey ~ tangents! Get me off the cough med's!

Natty - Bedroom Eyes (Roots Manuva Remix)
Original - acoustic version

Micachu and The Shapes
Micachu and The Shapes - Lips - NTEIBINT REMIX (SoundCloud Link)
Some more goodies by this cool and quirky chick/band...

PLUS..... This most excellent track.... very old school Digable Planets; I want to hear more...no remix here, this is just the original in all its goodness!
Shabazz Palaces - Swerve...



Im so psyched right now! Through the magic of Facebook, and the beauty of finding like-minded peeps, I have just discovered, (or rediscovered!!) the amazing dance style of Lindy Hop!! 

I only just got a wee taste of it a few years ago when this video came out by the New Zealand band Elemeno P  - I never knew the name of this style of dancing but it really struck a chord with me at the time; with its sweetly chaotic (but actually extremely choreographed!) style and the way that these dancers look like they are simply playing around, kind of goofing off to each other, showing off their crazy cool moves!

Then today a friend uploaded this INCREDIBLE video that just got me so damn excited that I have now spent the last half hour trying to find EVERY available Lindy Hop class here in Auckland!! This video is absolutely awe-inspiring! I just spent the whole time grinning and whooping like a schmuck!! Love it!!

Finally found some classes through Jitterbugs; The School Of Swingdance, which I'm hoping will be a sure thing to sign up for - the classes are reasonably close enough to home and are actually SUPER cheap at just $15 a session ($10 students), plus the first one is FREE - I just cant wait to start!! It will be perfect for getting back to health and back to a comfortable and happy, healthy weight; I will kick this 'winter weight's ass!! Bring on the wild moves man!! Anyone who's keen, let me know and we can all meet up there, otherwise I'm gonna take a crack at it lone-wolf styles; I'm sure it will be a great way to meet people! 

Also found this cool showreel by the girl who dances in the Elemeno P video, Sharon Davis. I will wistfully watch and hope that I can be a sixteenth as good as she is!! M xoxox


New Tunes To Share #4

It is not often these days that I get to go out into the wild world of the interweb and seek out new music, but these few tracks have just recently popped up into my peripheries and made quite an impact. With 3 days off school, sick with the dreaded lurgy, I now have some time to sit, gather my thoughts and express my absolute love for these new discoveries! Enjoy!

Up first is a track by a group that I discovered via an NZ blog I've been following recently I Nearly Died of Boredom. Niki and the Dove have made quite an impact on me with the track The Fox; I have a real thing for tracks that  change around alot; beautiful quiet sections that suddenly explode with sound - But I also have a searing love for songs about trees, wild forest creatures and flying on the backs of birds!! Ha! Its beautifully dark and mysterious and just makes me want to don a moss coloured cape and wander the woods at dusk!

The second track that has me swooning is a track by duo Cults - and what a word to Google when trying to find info about them!! Finally found this article about them via SpinI have been checking out their sounds for a while now but just love the nostalgic sound of this new track You Know What I Mean ~ its just so wistful and pretty.

And lastly, I only discovered this track yesterday, Time to Begin by States, but it is warming nicely on me; especially that nice bass riff throughout the song. Her voice kind of reminds me of the chick from the Paramore, but how can you beat a catchy girly tune to get you going in the mornings! Loving it and looking forward to checking out some more of their tunes. Thanks to Tieka from Selective Potential for adding this tune to the Delightful Dozen's   May Music Monday Mix.

Funny; just realised that they are all female vocalists! And when I think about it, a lot of my favourite tracks recently have been from bands with female lead singers ~ Go Ladies!! Love to all ya'll! xoxox