New Tunes To Share

Ooooh ~ The rain is falling and I must admit I am quite ready for the coolness of autumn, my very favourite time of year. I think these new tunes are quite befitting of my mood, slightly dark and brooding, inspiring layers and fire and red wine... 

I particularly love the fact that the third track, 'Beat and the Pulse' by Austra falls under the newly created genre of WitchHouse (Pitchforks creation) ! I think it sounds quite witchy indeed! 

The second track, Lykke Li's I Follow Rivers is one that has been hammered on BFM, but it has slowly penetrated my mind with its hauntingly beautiful underwater sounds. 

And in first place today is the deliciously caramel vocal magic of Mayer Hawthorne, Green Eyed Love remixed by Classixx. The original was amazing but this is just sooo warm and bouncy and rolling in velvet blankets! Mmmmmmmm!

These decidedly dark tracks  will be featuring on my next autumn/winter mix tape.... enjoy my lovelies xo


New Tunes To Share...

Mixing it up a wee bit today. We have a beautiful folktune by the lovely Emily Jane White, combined with the dusky, dark and sexy beats of the very talented Jamie Smith (the XX) and lo and behold, whats that?? We also have a BEYONCE cover this week (What the??)- beautifully reworked by CEO. Enjoy! Will keep up from now on and remember to change tracks each week! MmmmmWah!



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ABOVE: Boh Runga feather kisses pendant

ABOVE: Cole Gerst

  ABOVE: stoneandhoney.com
The Color Study II Locket Vintage Verabel FOX by verabel on Etsy 
 ABOVE: stoneandhoney.com

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The Selby - Eagle Street Farm
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