Things I've Made; December...

Happy New Year you lovely people!! Hope this new year brings you all that is wondrous and bright!
I myself had a very relaxed and tranquil evening with good friends, great food and delightful music - We went and shared a meal with our lovely friends Gina and Shane and their friends, D and Patrice for the new year celebration.
Had so much fun preparing the food for the evening; following my beautiful friend, Em's, gorgeous Strawberry & Lemon-Thyme Tart, I made a slightly altered version using a muffin tray (although we lived to regret this decision; Brendan spent 15 minutes trying to bash them out of their molds!) 
Although the casings were slightly crumbly these little beauties went down a treat and I felt very proud that I had made something so pretty and delicious for our lovely friends! I chose the option of smearing marscapone over the casing before adding the strawb compote and we also lavished them in softly whipped cream. AMAZING!! 
Em, you are such a talented woman! I'm forever telling people to check out your amazing recipes - hope you enjoy my little photo story!! Mucho Aroha Babe! :-) xo

Also made my very own first ever batch of Aioli - Of course following Mums tradition of using the lovely Annabel Langbein Aioli Recipe. Gave this one to Gina and Shane; Hope they love its smooth creamy goodness - so naughty but so essential!! 
Also thought I'd better update all the crafty things that I have made as gifts for Christmas, but realised that this will have o wait as i haven't actually given people these gifts yet! Will add pics and links later :-) 
Peas be with you all this new year! Arohanui till next time xoxoxox

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