Tunes To Share #5

Browsing for some new tunes to appease my illness... its now been 2 weeks since I first got the sickness; the longest amount of time I think Ive ever had to fight something off! I think its probably a lot of State Of Mind = State Of Being; to be truly well, you have to be truly content...something that I am striving to find every day.

While each day I am inspired by the beautiful imagery and people of Blogworld, it is really the music that makes me leap out of my seat (haggardly swaying in my PJ's!). I have a particular fascination with this whole REMIX biz; most of the tracks that I find when perusing have been remade/mixed/mashed - this is, most times, the only way to score free downloads - when the track has been altered to within an inch of its life and is now so far removed from the original that it is now okay to mooch for zero dollero. I say that like its a bad thing but sometimes, SOMETIMES,  it just makes them better!! Ouch...

Here are some tracks that are not necessarily on high rotation for me yet, but have intrigued me enough to add them here to share. Ive included the remixed track that caught my ear and then the original track that is also as good in its own way - its weird though, i sometimes get this whole chicken/egg thing going on in my mind - when you hear the remix before the original; how does that change our view of either? Oh crikey ~ tangents! Get me off the cough med's!

Natty - Bedroom Eyes (Roots Manuva Remix)
Original - acoustic version

Micachu and The Shapes
Micachu and The Shapes - Lips - NTEIBINT REMIX (SoundCloud Link)
Some more goodies by this cool and quirky chick/band...

PLUS..... This most excellent track.... very old school Digable Planets; I want to hear more...no remix here, this is just the original in all its goodness!
Shabazz Palaces - Swerve...

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