Tunes to Share #6

The posting of new tunes seems to be all that I'm truly capable of at this time - I wish I could be making more artwork, but instead I will keenly peruse the hidy-holes I have discovered, for music that will inspire all of thee to create and make and do all that makes one happy!

Here are some very good ones to rock your boats;

Here We Go Magic
Hands to the Sky
Just delicious - heard this on Bfm the other day and was completely mesmerised whilst driving through a rainstorm - danger, no?

Little Scream
Heron and The Fox 
(whats with me and foxy tunes lately??)
Wrote a very sweet and well intentioned Facebook message to some dear friends with this track attached, but alas, somehow made some major f-up and have managed to create some weird-ass 'Group' instead ~ I feel like I'm trying to incite a cult or something.... oh the shame!

Alela Diane
The Pirates Gospel
An absolutely delicious track posted by my lovely friend Em from her dear brother Louie - great taste guys - I love me a good 'n dark pirate,  shanty.

Thats all for now my lovelies - hope to post with something more exciting and personal soon xoxox


  1. glaswegian hookerJune 27, 2011 at 3:58 PM

    haha, look mom, Im famous...

  2. baaahahahaha! yes; famous and troublesome! looking forward to hearing THAT story...

  3. I really like your blog, I am your new follower ;)

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  4. Hi thank you for letting me know that blogger is working again, really appreciate it. x

  5. Haha that second track is awesome! Worth setting up your cult-like fb group I reckon! :-)


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