Im so psyched right now! Through the magic of Facebook, and the beauty of finding like-minded peeps, I have just discovered, (or rediscovered!!) the amazing dance style of Lindy Hop!! 

I only just got a wee taste of it a few years ago when this video came out by the New Zealand band Elemeno P  - I never knew the name of this style of dancing but it really struck a chord with me at the time; with its sweetly chaotic (but actually extremely choreographed!) style and the way that these dancers look like they are simply playing around, kind of goofing off to each other, showing off their crazy cool moves!

Then today a friend uploaded this INCREDIBLE video that just got me so damn excited that I have now spent the last half hour trying to find EVERY available Lindy Hop class here in Auckland!! This video is absolutely awe-inspiring! I just spent the whole time grinning and whooping like a schmuck!! Love it!!

Finally found some classes through Jitterbugs; The School Of Swingdance, which I'm hoping will be a sure thing to sign up for - the classes are reasonably close enough to home and are actually SUPER cheap at just $15 a session ($10 students), plus the first one is FREE - I just cant wait to start!! It will be perfect for getting back to health and back to a comfortable and happy, healthy weight; I will kick this 'winter weight's ass!! Bring on the wild moves man!! Anyone who's keen, let me know and we can all meet up there, otherwise I'm gonna take a crack at it lone-wolf styles; I'm sure it will be a great way to meet people! 

Also found this cool showreel by the girl who dances in the Elemeno P video, Sharon Davis. I will wistfully watch and hope that I can be a sixteenth as good as she is!! M xoxox


  1. How cool is that?! I saw that Ben posted this on FB but I hadn't checked it out. So cool! Good luck, can't wait to hear how you like it :-) Ben would go with you if he lived in aucks!

  2. Years back I took Lindy Hop classes in Wellington. They were so much fun but I was absolutely terrible at it (I think a complete lack of rhythm is to blame). After that I moved on to rock 'n' roll dancing which was just as much fun but the steps are so much easier! In fact I ended up meeting my guy on the dance floor at the Beach Hop so it was all worth it:)
    Anyway all the best with it and let us know how it goes!

  3. I have to admit thats actually what I'm mostly nervous about ~ discovering that i actually have no rhythm! I joined a gym a few years ago and tried a hip-hop class that just unraveled in shame! Mind you, it wasn't leveled and there were some crazy good dancers there which made it quite intimidating! Lets hope Lesson 1 goes better than that dreadful hip-hop experience! haha!
    Em; that would be so cool! Im a tad nervous bout going alone but Im hoping other peeps might want to come with xo

  4. OMG! Awesome! Can I come? Looks very tiring!


I love to hear from you peeps :-) Leave me a message and I will come and check out your blog too! xo