New Tunes To Share #4

It is not often these days that I get to go out into the wild world of the interweb and seek out new music, but these few tracks have just recently popped up into my peripheries and made quite an impact. With 3 days off school, sick with the dreaded lurgy, I now have some time to sit, gather my thoughts and express my absolute love for these new discoveries! Enjoy!

Up first is a track by a group that I discovered via an NZ blog I've been following recently I Nearly Died of Boredom. Niki and the Dove have made quite an impact on me with the track The Fox; I have a real thing for tracks that  change around alot; beautiful quiet sections that suddenly explode with sound - But I also have a searing love for songs about trees, wild forest creatures and flying on the backs of birds!! Ha! Its beautifully dark and mysterious and just makes me want to don a moss coloured cape and wander the woods at dusk!

The second track that has me swooning is a track by duo Cults - and what a word to Google when trying to find info about them!! Finally found this article about them via SpinI have been checking out their sounds for a while now but just love the nostalgic sound of this new track You Know What I Mean ~ its just so wistful and pretty.

And lastly, I only discovered this track yesterday, Time to Begin by States, but it is warming nicely on me; especially that nice bass riff throughout the song. Her voice kind of reminds me of the chick from the Paramore, but how can you beat a catchy girly tune to get you going in the mornings! Loving it and looking forward to checking out some more of their tunes. Thanks to Tieka from Selective Potential for adding this tune to the Delightful Dozen's   May Music Monday Mix.

Funny; just realised that they are all female vocalists! And when I think about it, a lot of my favourite tracks recently have been from bands with female lead singers ~ Go Ladies!! Love to all ya'll! xoxox


  1. What a beautiful blog you have! It is so nice and kind of rare for some reason) to meet like minded New Zealanders on here.

  2. Thank you so much for feedback ~ I'm very new to blogging so its great to hear what people think! Definitely cool to find other NZ bloggers ~ especially local ones with beautiful blogs to inspire! Finding your blog was such a treat! :-)


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