Soooooooo........... I hate doing this, but I've had so many bits and pieces that I've meant to put on here and its just been waaaaay too long since I last did a proper post so, What the Hell, I'm gonna just do one massive catch up session! This is gonna be some random ass shit y'all! 

In the beginning, there was Christmas 2010.....yikes!
So, as with every year, I planned to make many of our gifts for family and friends, and intended to get them all on here straight away, but xmas was so scattered last year that many didn't get their presents until February! What The! Will NOT happen again this year, what a nightmare!! Here are some of the gifties I made...
Made these cute wee birdies following the instructions on this blog 'One Golden Apple' 

Made, what seemed like, a million of these LOVE paintings to raise some cash for the Christmas/summer holidays... here is one.... i have seven more blank ones left.... will need to change it up a bit on the next ones to bring back the magic!!

A hot pink mosquito net adorned with purple and paua shell handmade butterflies and a few extra bought ones... little niece Caitlin LOVED it! 

Recycling our 2010 retro comic book calender into envelopes of all sizes... heaps of fun; quite relaxing churning them out actually ~ Pepper would agree!! 

Made a necklace.... haven't worn yet.... want to change the rope to leather or brass chain...

yummy frittata - too pretty to not take a photo!  

Big clean up and sort out in my art room

 all set up for christmas screenprinting orders

My Classroom - all bare and boring....
 I actually have ART TABLES!!!!!! YAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!......

.....and here it is all made up and pretty (minus children)
I went for a retro fabric theme this year with a tattoo parlor style twist - hence the swallows!! hahaha :-) 

Class Library


My tidy desk...... um...yeah 

On Ma and Pa's Visit up to Auckland for the Little Bushman gig - they came and took shots of the beast in her element! hahaha!
jeez dad, do i feel cheesy or what??

Mad Hatters Costume for Millys Hens Night - Made the hat and absolutely LOVED the cotton reel belt! Felt like a saucy hatter that night!

So I'm probably gonna remember heaps of other goodies that should have been added on here, but never mind... im on holiday now so I can add whatever I want whenever I want! Yesss! 
Peas to u all xoxoxox

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