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I grew up surrounded by music - my fondest memory is of, on sunny summery days, opening up all the french doors in the lounge-room and blasting jimi hendrix, soundgarden, santana, pearl jam or janis joplin out onto the front lawn, where I would lounge on cushions and draw or write or whatever. 
My first true opening line to any new person I met, was 'what sort of music do you get into?'. It wasn't a question of what was cool, I just always felt that it helped me to get a better sense of the person. I was so excited to meet fellow music lovers, and could never understand those people who just didn't have a particular sound that made them want to get up, let loose and spaz out whatever kind of dance moves all over the lounge room floor!! 
I have always made mix tapes - mostly back when they were actually TAPES, I didn't get into it as much when we all moved over into CD... I used to love making them for my boyfriend or friends, especially my sweet friend Abee; we were pen pals for years and would record some of our letters on tapes, along with any new music we had discovered (I seem to remember mixes of nirvana, pearl jam, pantera, pennywise and bad religion - grungy little bogan punks!) 

These last 2 years I have gotten back into making these old mix 'tapes' once again. This time around, I am astounded by my absolute love of 'the new', exploring all kinds of new ways to hear, collect and buy new music. It has given me such an overwhelming sense of my own musical tastes and it constantly amazes me the way that a new track can just give me full body goosebumps, whilst also getting me bopping around my art room! 
I have realised that I such have a cacophony of musical tastes, such a massive variety of music that at times I wonder if my mates will think my mix tapes are retarded! I don't care though!! I love it! Here are some goodies that are actually a part or my very overdue 'summer mix 2010-11'..... the autumn winter one is also on its way! Enjoy!

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