So its been absolutely MONTHS since my last update; starting at a new school has definitely been a huge shock to my '2 years as a reliever' system!! Its incredible how the desire to have my own classroom again overrode all of the memories of late nights, marking books, professional development initiatives, staff meetings, waking up at 3am with some new strategy for dealing with THAT child... the list goes on and on and on and on!

Fortunately I have had a break in the MADNESS, by designing and creating all of the decorations for my 'sister-in-laws' MAD Hatter Tea-party Hens Night! Ironic no?
Not one to shy away from a challenge, I quickly began exploring all of my wildest mad tea-party ideas to create a night that all would remember. With Milly's sister, Jen, doing all of the food, games and other organising, I was free to make anything to suit the theme, so, with a $120 budget I managed to whip up this party of delights in the space of a few weeks - I'm so pleased with the final results and everyone had a blast! I'm hoping that others make request my help for more events like this one! 

Fist of all, here is a copy of the invitation I made for the event...

...and then the decorations...
 My handmade tissue paper flowers - So easy to make! Mum showed me how to make them by following these YouTube instructions: Learn to Make Paper Flowers!

 Punch served from giant teapots and cute wee teacups! So cute!

Sweet little hand-painted toadstools - gifted to me by my little bro and his sweet girl, I painted them up for the party! So cute!

Queen Milly - playing cards painted up with the bride-to-be's portrait.

 I thought these 3 tiered cake stands would be perfect to amke for the party - I started collecting a while before hand and managed to find some kick-ass 3 tonne epoxy glue to hold them all together! Worked a treat when serving the sweets; toadstool cupcakes, Lamingtons and Neenish tarts!

candles in teacups

The bride-to-be in a saucy Alice costume - apparently to blow bubbles you have to pull this particular face?? Well done Milly!

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