ARTIST: Superkid/AKA Cake/Aka Stephanie Homa

Wow this chick is cooooool..... love this photo!
for some reason she kinda reminds me of my rad painter friend Abee... 
Its so exciting to peruse your blogfeed and discover a new gem of goodness and inspiration...Thanks to A Beautiful Party blog for introducing this talented artist....I will definitely be keeping an eye on her!

I love the sense of humour in Superkids work and her brilliant use of colour - I just imagine these works as these vast murals overwhelming the viewer... her use of stars is probably what hooked me in good and proper though! 

These ones really struck me :-)

2010 hairy indians
2011 fuse overdose
2011 garden party
2011 insignificance is a virtue
2011 united sweatshirts
2011 stag with mountain and girl

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