I may have gone a weeeeeee bit overboard when requesting/ordering books from the new Auckland 'Super City' library system!.... talk about a kid in a candy store!
...am currently reading 'Cradle To Cradle: Remaking The Way We Make Things' by William McDonough and Michael Braungart.... have only really just started it, and one of the quotes that has jumped out for me thus far isnt even one of theirs.... its just crazy how so many people still think that recycling is the be all and end all, when really its actually completely ignoring the biggest problem; consumption. 
Be selective about the products you buy - be mindful about packaging. Im just about to embark on a recycled cloth bag making venture for our house, so we can take our own bags to the vege and bulk food store instead of using those idiotic, flimsy, one-use-only plastic bags they give you for bulk items. I HATE THEM!!

“recycling is an aspirin, alleviating a rather large collective hangover…overconsumption...the best way to reduce any environmental impact is not to recycle more, but to produce and dispose of less.”William Rathjes 1998 'Use Less Stuff: Environmental Solutions For Who We Really Are'

yeah... but for how long.... and then where do you go?

yeah... thats where...

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