Organic vs. Conventional Produce...

Its so obvious, but how many of us eat this stuff purely coz we cant afford organic.... sux!! 

thanks for sharing Juliet xo


  1. It's amazing isn't it. Go one step further and look up raw vs cooked.

    I think it's far more affordable than you think. If you weigh up the odds, for-go that bottle of wine or little luxuries, you can eat quite finely on organic food. It's amazing how many places, for example East West Organics have really great quality organic local food for not a bad price at all, sometimes cheaper than the supermarket. Try a huge bag of raw organic Kale for only $3.50!! Beats a shitty supermarket cabbage right? I've bought bags of greens from the supermarket before only to open them and smell GAS!! No kidding!! It's nastiness.

    What about a couple of plant boxes out side? Chuck some greens in them and you're away.

    :) Just some thoughts! (gets me fired up...) ;)

  2. Just what i was going to say. Grow it! You can find amazing seeds. In nz.....

  3. Thats so true Louise, I miss shopping at East West.... Harvest is just that wee bit more pricy I find! Its also hard now that Im a student again too - am thinking of getting most of my food via dumpster diving - Live the Freegan way!! We grow quite a bit at home and are just about to embark on setting up our autumn/winter garden - the soil needs a really good feed though so its gonna take a bit longer than expected but we'll get there! Thanks for your comments, it gets me really fired up too!

  4. Yes Harvest IS really expensive!! Incredible. And sort of snooty? Or is that just me? Get some horse manure or coffee granules for your soil and you'll have mammoth plants in no time! ;)


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