Raglan Lindy Hop Workshop

A few weeks overdue, but went down to Raglan on the 24th September for the Cats Corner Swing Dance Lindy Hop Workshop & Blue Tuxedo Band/Dance at Orca Bar (the gig I designed the poster for!). What an amazing weekend!! 

The Saturday workshop was packed full of keen Lindy first timers (or at least mostly first timers!). Class began with an awesome intro swing dance by the teachers, Michelle and Simon - followed by a cool off-the-cuff blast of Lindy from my lovely friend Ben and his mate Karin (They organised the whole Lindy weekend in Raglan). Despite the nerves, those guys hit that floor like nobodies biz!!

The class was just so much fun with heaps of laughs and cool moves with some hilarious freestyled maneuvers added in by some of the peeps for some extra exhilarating dancing! Everyone just got stuck right in and we all work up a sweat boppin round the church hall!! 

That night, Simons band, Blue Tuxedo, played at the local Orca Bar - a night of slightly drunk and disorderly freestyling by most of the class and many locals who joined the dancefloor with avid enthusiasm!! Heaps of fun, tons of smiling faces and many newly converted Lindy Hoppers!

Here are some pics from Cats Corner Swing Dance's facebook page :-)

The workshop teacher, Michelle Parish and Simon Crowfoot of Cats Corner Swing

 Showing us a sample of their Lindy goodness

 Ben and Karin getting geared up to bust some public Lindy.... they were so nervous but sooo good!

 Love the onlookers faces!

 Partnering up

My listening face as Ben tries to describe an obscure move...  

 Boppin the floor!

Look at those delightful faces!! Me ol' mate Simon and Karin having a dance. Such a cool night! Wish there were more pics of everyone... I do remember some very messy Lindy though, so perhaps lack of evidence is for the best!

I will keep you posted as there are going to be more workshops in Raglan - its such an amazing place to spend the weekend and you'll be partaking in something really exciting and special - dont miss out!! 

Also, go check the Cats Corner page for more pics and events!!


  1. Looks like a brillant way to get some exercise!!!

  2. Everyone looks so joyful! Fun!

    I'd love to try it.


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