Tunes to Share #8

With all thats been happening you'd think I would have had no time to go collecting new music... but I just cant help myself! These tracks aren't necessarily new... in fact a couple of them could be classed as old (NO WAY!).... however they are all certainly rockin my boat at the moment!

The Checks - Candyman Shimmer ...... saw these guys live recently but was slightly too distracted to concentrate....... such a sweet tune to just bop around to.... definitely got that NZ summertime sound ...... 

Watercolours - Under ....... first heard this beautiful girl in an interview with Charlotte Ryan on 95Bfm's Morning Glory show... just deliciously hypnotic...

Mount Kimbie - Mayor (Slower Version) ...... me and my lovely mate Louie have had an awesome arrangement where we send each other tracks each night - highly recommend this set-up between musically like-minded individuals.... it was so exciting every night to receive pieces of absolute GOLD.... this track is one of my personal highlights of that exchange (which is currently on hold as he is out sailing the seas!) ...... cant wait for more track sharing goodness!! You can go check out his freakin sweet mix on Soundcloud HERE ...... just about blew my socks off that he used a tune I had sent him for the first track - Lovely Bloodflow by Baths is also one my most ULTIMATE tunes to make my head want to explode...hehehe (had to put another link to that track - go on.... go listen awwwww its just SOOOOO GOOD - amazing video too!)

Radiohead - House of Cards...... just love the words.... tingleberrys and butterflies in belly... In Rainbows is an absolutely brilliant album.....

Roots Manuva - Let the Spirit (Hot Chip Remix) ......  hells YEEEEAH!! this track came to me from my gorgeous new roomie Eve via Facebook..... tis a crankin 'get up and farken MOVE' tune.... no more slouchin around feelin sorry for ones self!!

Remember I am 'always' posting new tunes and bits and pieces under 'Bliss For Your Ears' (to the right of my posts) plus also heapsa goodies on my YouTube channel and my Soundcloud account (see links to the left)......... ENJOY!! :-) XOXO

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