House of Cards....

Crikey!! Its been waaaay too long since I last posted ( I always say that!) ... but then, a lot has been happening.... 
Me..... on my birthday..... enjoying the last few rays of sunshine on the new houses front porch.... having a celebratory beer whilst reading my delicious present from my new roomies ('FANZINES' by Teal Triggs). Looking forward to the adventures ahead.... :-)

I've just moved into a new home in the 'city' (or approximately 'the city'.... a lot closer than I was before thats for sure!)... Living in a flat again with my beautiful friends Eve and Katie, baby Ivy and cat/dog FiFi.
Its an awesome house and I cant wait till we truly make it our own....  very exciting when it feels like summer is just sneakily awaiting around the corner - its the perfect house for long summer barbeques and beers on the front porch.... aah.... bliss! The first night here (and my birthday) was celebrated with champagne and pizza in that very spot - oh the potential for languid summer soirees!! 

Moving house really puts things into perspective. It has been almost 9 years since I last boxed up all of my belongings and hauled them off to a new abode. Its amazing how much crap I have accumulated, but what is possibly even more amazing is how much I want to get rid of. This may because of my current state of mind; embracing the new and experiencing the life-affirming nature of just letting go......

Not only have I moved house but I have also been working my ass off doing even MORE freelance graphic design stuff!! Such excitement!! I will post some of the work I've been doing soon - just gotta wait till these events actually happen first - don't want to divulge any bits and pieces I shouldn't be just yet!

But here is one I whipped up last night for a Lindy Hop event in Raglan - I desperately want to go but will be meeting most of my class in town for the Moving Planet march up Queen Street.... more on that later..... :-)

So........posts, henceforth, will be erratic while I am getting my life back in order........ I will get back on track eventually but until then.. peas and love to you all xoxo

P.S You should ALL come along to the Moving Planet march this weekend - September 24th!! Im encouraging all my kids (in my class, I don't have multiple children!) to take their friends and families along - we're screen-printing our own t-shirts and everything!!
Check out the website 350.org


  1. Yay for moving house! I used to love moving until I had to do it 3 times in less than 6 months... then the novelty sort of wore off! Sounds like you found yourself a good spot for summer though. Ooo that swing poster looks great, I'm actually considering going.

  2. Thanks lovely!! That would be sooo cool if you went along to the lindy workshop/night - Raglan is gonna be hoppin that night! I actually had a prior engagement which looks like it may now be falling through so I might just see you there!! :-)


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