Lindy, Zombies, Markets & Sweet Shoes!

For those of you that were interested last time, there will be another delightful Lindy Hop class happening in Raglan this Sunday!!
Sorry for the poster blurriness - you can go and investigate more details on the Cats Corner Swing Facebook Page :-)

I, myself, will be attending only if I can manage to fly down there in time after the many other events that I am whisking myself off to this weekend!

SO...On Saturday DAY I will be helping my friend Ben at his Trash Footwear stall at the K-Road Markets - I helped him out at the Mission Bay Markets on Monday Labour Day and that boy was kicking ass with his new designs etc!! Lots of keen people interested and talking about his awesome range! I have a delicious pair of ballet slippers that he made for me as a first trial pair and I've had so many queries he better be crankin those sweet things out by the dozen soon! These beeeauties are made from conveyer belt, recycled canvas and some black satin ribbon that I added after the fact to feminine-ise them up a bit more! Just love those cute ass ankle bows!!
Here is a sweet pic that my brother took whilst stopping for a well deserved Coopers after shopping in Newtown, Sydney (I've just been there on holiday for ten days - but more on that later!)

And while I'm at this devilish plug, I spent a few days down in Raglan before I went to Oz, helping Ben in the workshop to make my brother and his lovely lady some sandals to take over to them as gifts on my visit... here are my little brothers ones and his stoked azzz testimonial! These ones are made from conveyer belt and recycled charcoal denim. Thats one happy jandal owner!

“Best jandals/thongs I've ever owned...made by Ben at Trash Footwear made from 100% recycled materials by hand in Raglan NZ. Primo bro! trashfootwear@gmail.com and trashfootwear.blogspot.com - check it y'all!”

AND...On Saturday EVENING, myself and a posse of corpses will be attending the 95bFM, NO magazine, & Lonely Hearts ZOMBIE PROM... a night to be dismembered!! Cant wait to dress up like a dead thing and roam the streets and zombie hop the dance floor!!

Found some very cool makeup tutorials on how to look 'dead' - thought this one was an exceptionally good and simple one using mostly makeup you could find around the home! (or at least in our girly as flat!)

SO yes, thats the plans for the weekend! How about you?? Anyone delving into the darkness to explore their inner zombie?? Anyone planning a trip to the seaside to learn some devilishly dapper Lindy moves?? Anyhoo - Hope y'all have a saucy sunshiny weekend/beastly bewitching halloween!!  Mucho Hugz to you all xoxox

P.S While Im here I just HAD to pop this gorgeous pic of my wee cousin Claudie in her very first modelling shoot - it terrifies me how grown up she looks! Yikes! But what a stunner!!


  1. I love your ballet slippers! Does he have a website or anything? I will definitely try to pop along to the krd markets if I can (is it the ones on the bridge/ overpass thing?). Oh by the way Lindy Hop looks like it was a whole lot of fun! They always make it look so easy... sadly for me I have no sense of rhythm and am not good at following my partners lead. Still a whole lot of fun to watch though.

  2. Thanks! Ooh gosh!! Hes not doing the Kroad markets this time... I totally thought he was but hes too busy making heapsa shoes! He has a blog and you can email through orders, plus he has shoes in the SAFE shop and will have some soon in Sitka Newmarket. The ballet slippers are gonna crank! You should come along to the next social dance at St Kevins arcade! Heapsa fun to watch! :-)


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