Birthday Day

Lovely birthday day (despite the torrential rain). My boy handcrafted me a sweet engraved bangle, spent all night creating an amazing little box for it too! So cute! 

Went out to the Mexican Specialty Store in Ellerslie (http://www.mexicanspecialities.co.nz/) to buy supplies for my party (awesome little store/cafe: will have to stay for lunch next time but was sooo packed!) and then on to K Road for a browse through Buana Satu, Iko Iko and Third Eye. 

ALSO........ Oh Sweet Delight!!
My friend Eve bought me the most amazing gift - I had been wanting one of these for months when i found it on Etsy.... never thought Id ever be able to buy one, but she must be psychic (I'd never told her about them!) Perfect for me as I love anything vintage and anything to do with books! Here is my one but go and check out this amazing designers Etsy page too! She is so talented and her work is so unique!!



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