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I really must keep up to date with my blog posts!! Im waaaaay too sporadic with these things!

This is what I have been up to for the last 2-3 weeks - aside from teaching primary kids all day! ha! I've been designing and creating a zine for my mate Bens shoe company 'TRASH FOOTWEAR'.... it is such an amazing brand/company/concept/philosophy and I know it is just gonna go viral out there in the world!! His shoes/sandals are freakin cool and they are pretty much entirely made from recycled/reused waste!! Awesome!! Plus there are just so many options for materials etc - I want like a million custom-made pairs!

I had told my class about what I was doing and I took a pair of shoes in to school and they just went nuts over them - plus the teachers were all wanting to order multiple pairs! I think people are really attracted to the idea of reusing their own materials and/or of custom making a pair of sandals.... these are gonna kick ass over summer!! If you buy a pair you will get a copy of my zine! WooooHoooo! :-)

Here are the zine pages...... next step Blog City!! Let me know what you think! xoxox




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  1. I love this concept. Hope to see some on your blog.

    Been reading your blog for a while - a breathe of fresh air.

  2. i want to wear your trash


  3. You are so clever miss Mel. Was so excited to see this when Ben emailed it through xxx

  4. Thanks lovely ladies!!! Was so much fun to make Em - this is soooo what I want to be doing!! xoxox

  5. That's pretty damned cool-the zine work you've done AND the whole idea of Trash Footwear!

  6. Jeez, been looking for something like this! Does it have a website yet? Your zine looks choice.

  7. They are the coolest shoes EVER!! Im making a blog for him as we speak, and the website will be next.... he's selling in a fews stores around the place, will post more deets as they come - if you want a custom pair or have any questions just swing him an email at trashfootwear@gmail.com... hes a lovely man and will sort you out with a mean pair of sandals/jandals or whatevers!! (pssst... hes even making boots sometime in the near future!!)
    P.S Lovely to hear from u YingYue ~ thanks for the props - hows life??!!
    MASSIVE P.P.S - oh my lordy Em!! What a delicious shout out babe - you are sooooo gorgeous!! thank so much girl xoxoxoxox (hehe - http://mydarlinglemonthyme.blogspot.com/2011/08/few-of-my-favourite-things-august-2011.html aww shucks! ) xo

  8. Oops some how I missed this post a week ago! I love the design of this! Especially love the first image of the girl in the trash can. Looking forward to seeing the blog when it is up and running. xx


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