team sleep

A delicious new discovery - with connection to what I may at times call a 'guilty pleasure'; the music I was obsessed with in my 'youth', yet still crank hard when I need some good heavy dark shit! Am I ashamed in some way that at times I just love me some hardcore dark and dirty scream-fest tunes??

Team Sleep is an experimental electronic/rock group led by Deftones singer/guitarist Chino Moreno. (Yum ~ slight crush!) Their music explores many genres; a kind of dream pop/trip hop/post-hardcore/shoegaze/electronica....just have a listen and hear for yourselves... of course I will have to add a few of my fav Deftones tracks just for good measure :-) xoxox

Team Sleep - Formant

Teamsleep - Ever

Team Sleep - I'm Yours Tonight (Machine Lovers Remix)

and now for some Deftones.... are you prepared?

Deftones - Digital Bath

Deftones - Rx Queen

Deftones - Diamond Eyes

Chino Moreno....dunno what it is about him but....oh....


  1. I love to be introduced to new music! Cheers!

  2. Ahhh the Deftones! I have seen those guys in concert SO many times! Funny thing is that I like their music but only in small doses. Oh by the way YES you're right I used to live in the house beside Conors at 'Melrose Place'. I was actually supposed to catch up with her in Berlin recently but we both seemed to just miss each other every time.


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