Camera UnObscura...

Its been so long since I've had my own decent camera - finally invested in a cheap little Canon Powershot and it works a dream! A dream for me, that is! I'm just really into candid, relaxed, non planned shots right now....just being in the moment and being a right doofus!! A friend asked me recently why I dont take many photos (even though I LOVE taking photos) and its purely because I'm out of practise and I just love living in each moment rather than recording it for later reference. Theres just been too many years of my life spent observing, NOW is the time to get in there and get stuck in and roll around in the goodness of all things good and life affirming!! Haha!!....

Of course, in saying that, I have had my eye on the sexy Canon EOS 1100 Digital SLR for a loooong time...... ah the old camera perve....what a beast!

Here are some pics from the last few months that I though I'd share.... just to get me back up to speed with this whole blog posting thingy.... yes, feeling rusty! ha!

alfreso dining on Ben's veranda....
mmmmm....snacks......the winning treat of the night was the flaky salt dashed with fresh thyme....best discovery ever thanks to Helena.....
rainbow salad....mostly bought ingredients but enjoyed foraging in Tori's garden for floral treats to add!
hmmmmmmmm....those fork pricks look mighty dangerous....
Eve about to castrate our mushroom pie.... such clever handiwork our Eve! 

A tessellation artwork I created for my little brother and his girlfriend for christmas - made from an old encyclopedia.

The hilariously 'sneaky note' I found to explain my half eaten, well, ravaged Morrocan dish..... passing the buck again aye Eve! (I also found a note from 'Katie' on a bag of my muffins...minus two....I know your handwriting now Miss Clark!)

kids on swings
punks on streets
A tidy bedroom.....At Last!!! It HAS taken hmmm 5 DAYS OF CLEANING/SORTING/CHUCKING! Just finished it today. Phew!
My 'new' (to me) all-in-one desk/shelving system... for organisational extravaganza's!!
a clear table to work on....perfect for the year ahead!


  1. 1. Did you make the patchwork?
    2. Think ill make a memorial cuboid tessilation of the kids.

    Love b

  2. Beka... :-) Nah, I bought the patchwork at a market in cambridge years ago, its just the top piece that I've been meaning to turn into a quilt for years... a memorial tessellation would be beautiful... i reckon you could do them even bigger and make it a massive wall display/artwork ... like approx A4-A3 sized diamonds!! Love xo


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