This is where I will be this weekend - supporting the delightful Ben and the gorgeous Jodi in their shared stall at the Little Big Market in Mount Maunganui; Ben with his freakin ridiculously cool Raglan-Made, recycled material sandals and Jodi with her beautifully quirky artful creations and craftiness - and lil ol me..... with my first real attempt at market art sales.... making my weird little DIY diamond tessellation installation kits (I still cant decide what they are called!!).... come and visit us and we will love you forever!! xo


  1. Someday, I'll make it to the bay! That's the rhyme I keep telling myself.

  2. Damn I was over that way two weekends! What a shame. Have fun at the markets... watch out they can get kind of addictive!

  3. We gonna be at the next one too!! It was a pretty sweet market but it was hard to get my stuff out there with 3 peeps in one stall...... im too new skool for dis shit!! haha! Will have to start making more stuff again! Come to the Bay Nichole and Malayka!! Would love to meet up with some bloggin gals! :-)


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