Tunes #7 - Dark Beats....

...tunes for spooky contemplative introverted darkness...

Fever Ray

'Keep The Streets Empty For Me'

 Beautifully hypnotic track from the ever atmospheric Karin Dreijer Andersson (quite obviously of The Knife vocal fame) Her solo project under the name Fever Ray.

Chelsea Wolfe 


Is it the history of darkness and punkness ~ the music i loved in my youth, that speaks to me when i hear this track - it just folds over me like black night.... 
....check the album version here;



"Ask For"

Filmed in a Danish forest two hours outside of Copenhagen ~ this video... these beats... 
......visual and aural mastery....
 also check


  1. oooh love that CHLLNGR "Ask for". Nice as.

  2. man... so nice aye! lovin the ominousness - and those beats are hot!! xoxo


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