MIX TAPES 2010; and now............eternity......

I soooo had plans to keep this blog up but alas, teaching has once again drawn me into its mad web of... madness!!! I am spending all of my time making crazy resources for 'my kids' and going to meetings and keeping up with all the assessment stuff and omigod it is really all too much to consider coming back full time!!
I LOVE these kids man they are the coolest dudes out! They get all my jokes and they play MAD basketball and we laugh pretty much all day (except when Im telling them to stop daydreaming out the window!!) I wish teaching was always this fun! Im doing screen printing with them this week so might take pics of their progress. We were gonna make basketball singlets, but I think that might be a can of worms I DONT need during Report Writing Time so we are gonna make patches to stitch onto swimming bags and we are also gonna tackle t-shirt prints! WEeeeHoo! Showed them this Bre and Matt Vid (From etsy.com) and they flipped completely and said they would give me all of their pocket money if they could just make photosensitive screen prints!! As I said these kids are AWESOME!

My one, personal, creative outlet has been my latest Spring Time Mix CD that I have just completed! (Phew) I LOVE the cover - except all of the dumb print mistakes due to 'teacher brain'(mistakes are on the printed ones, not the one shown here). 
If you would like one, let me know and I can send one to your corner of the globe!
So, Here it is in all its glory;

Summer mix is being created as we speak (is beaming through my ears at this very moment!) Dont miss the most joyful track of this summer El Guincho's 'Bombay'. Everytime I hear it, it just fills me with the delights of summer sun! Check out the crazy, sexy, saucy video via my 'Track of the Week' link :-) Peas to all xo

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