Great pattern - want to transfer this style to leather (see 'Things I Wanna Make') 

 Gorgeous Feather earrings - I am on the hunt for the ultimate natural, found feathers
Deborah Kaplan @ http://closetvisit.com/

 flaming hag folkwear - sweet little lace spirit pouch

I wish for multiple swaths of rugged crystals draped around my neck!

Birds & Turquoise Aqua Hullabaloo blue!! Need i say more?

Love the blanket, love the layout, love the prints behind the bed  - I'm looking for same size vintage picture frames to do similar idea.
Aaron Rose - theselby.com

Handpainted/drawn designs on vintage lampshade! Yeeeuss!

 cool floor - amy and brett morris apartment NYMag

Tree in bedroom = ultimate dream sleeping arrangement!
kirra jamison + dane lovett apartment - design sponge 

dream bedroom ~ perfection! Image from Delightfully Tacky

large painted textual art on ply -  Image from Delightfully Tacky

 cool drawn-on, tagged, graffiti chair! also love that chartreuse bust dude with the KISS-style lightning bolt eye! 
Look @ Jimmie Martin & Rick Schultz - Design Sponge 

 bat mask - Georgie Greville - The Selby

skull cushion = cuddling the reaper!  Georgie Greville - The Selby

very cool Prehistoric Planters by Plaid Pigeon - should actually add these to 'things i wanna make'

colour, cosy, large widow, bicycle and books - yum!

beautiful rug by Morris etc - poppytalk

 cool pallet plant stand platform - i dream of a studio loft apartment! poppytalk

cozy corner
Lyndsay and Fitzhugh's Summer Cottage in the City  - Apartment Therapy


LOOKBOOK.NU - space tee (also one of the 'things i wanna make')

gorgeous colours and layers - cant remember where i got this pic from? I think it may have been Jen Loves Kev?

Kathryn Bentley http://closetvisit.com/

Norwegian cardy/hoody - monkeycatcher on TradeMe

Beautiful colours and layers! Oh how I love autumn!! 

MY MOST COVETED BOOTS EVER!!! Aldo Brendal Womens Flat Boots

Great Layers

 Peachy goodness
Cute cozy jumper with floaty floral dress and sneaks!

I love the mustard, forest green and tan! 

Beautiful autumnal colours and delicious layers!! The Clothes Horse

I freakin love this girls styles!! Best blog ever!
feather dress - where can i get one of these??

Gorgeous colours - love the stripes and side plait

cute way to wear shorts in winter!

colour and layers and jewels
lookbook.nu  pandora

photograph by Théo Gosselin - touristmag

 I WANNA MAKE; an orange leather clutch (seen on This Time Tomorrow)
 I WANNA MAKE; Cut out letters stitched onto t-shirts - BASSIKE TEE BY BLACK BOX 
I WANNA MAKE; this cute gift idea - found on Poppytalk from - You Are My Fave
I WANNA MAKE;  leather cut out collar necklaces
I WANNA MAKE; massive textual posters with cut out letters like Lukes Beards 'A Lyric a Day'
I WANNA MAKE;  mini polaroid magnets (http://www.ambrosiagirl.com/blog/)
 I WANNA MAKE;  drawings on fingernails!! (Gennine Zlatkis nail doodles - found on poppytalk)
I WANNA MAKE;  this cute gift for kids that I know (found on ohdeedoh)


  1. What an amazing colourful, insightful post! Thank you for sharing - love the Sartorialist! :D

  2. What a fabulous collection of inspiration! Hope you're busy making all those lovely things.



  3. Thank you for leaving me a message lovely ladies! I'm still hoping to create some of my own versions of these things ~ Hope to get a chance very soon ~ Otherwise, will keep dreaming! :-)

  4. I love this post! It's so inspiring.. I definitely want to try making the mini polaroids and the leather cutout necklaces! :)

  5. love love love the mobile! have to make! your so right! fantastic for kids, think midgy needs one of all the friends in nz! although his room is rather full! big love

  6. All of my own work is up in the folders at the top of blog :-)


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